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2014 World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
International Congress, Capetown
GERIATRIC PHARMACOLOGY SYMPOSIUM: Optimal Prescribing in Older Patients:  The Challenge of Multiple Comorbid Conditions and Polypharmacy


2012 International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
Mid-year Symposium, Munich
IUPHAR SEMINAR: Drug Risk Assessment in Older Adults
·         Age and Co-morbidity of Patients in Clinical Trials vs. “Real Patients” (Darrell Abernethy, USA)
·         Understanding Interactions Between Medicines and Geriatric Syndromes: The Role of Pharmacoepidemiology (Sarah Hilmer, Australia)
·         Sedative Drug Load in the Elderly and Adverse Outcomes (Sirpa Hartikainen, Finland)
·         Prescribing Potentially Inappropriate Medication: A Quality Indicator for Drug Prescription? (Petra Thürmann, Germany)

2011 European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 

Annual Scientific Meeting, Budapest
IUPHAR SEMINAR: Relevance of functional outcomes in geriatric pharmacology
·         Functional outcomes from high risk prescribing in older people (David Le Couteur, Australia)
·         Thrombolysis for ischaemic stroke and functional outcomes in the very elderly (Gary Ford, UK)
·         Sedative load and balance, mobility and muscle strength in community-dwelling older persons in Finland (Simon Bell, Finland)
·         Potentially inappropriate medications for the elderly – evidence, validity and usefulness of check-lists (Petra Thürmann, Germany)


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